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Christmas time! Closed for the holidays :)

Personal on December 20th, 2010

I CAN’T believe Christmas is this Saturday!  I know we all say it every year, but it seriously came so fast!  We have had a very busy holiday season and are excited to have a little R & R (as I am sure you are all as well).  We just wanted to post our holiday business hours, as it may affect an order you place on our Boudoir Shop…so PLEASE READ!

Remember, we ship USPS PRIORITY mail (2-3 business days for domestic, 6-10 business days for international).  The HOLIDAY SALE is still going on at the shop, and will continue while we are closed.  Pricing will go back to normal when we come back into the office on JANUARY 3rd. So if you want to take advantage of the awesome deals (as well as get a digital copy of the Workshop in a Book before it goes into the Diva Vault), then make sure to place your order BEFORE January 3rd!

(also note that while we are closed, we will not be checking voice mails or emails; those will be responded to on January 3rd) :)

Many of you are asking about the Lighting DVD and we are hoping to have definite answers soon!  The overall DVD is finally finished!  We just have to figure out how long until we get copies at our studio.  We will send out an update once pre-sale is available on the boudoir shop!


Buy “Absolutely Everything” and get $50 from KISS!!!

Boudoir Tips, Personal on March 19th, 2010

WE LOVE KISS!!! These guys make some seriously beautiful books. We love them, and our clients just adore them too! (The best tip we can give you for selling these babies… try a ‘HIS and HERS’ promo… where your client buys the 10×10 book (in black) for her man, and then create a promotion where she can also purchase a smaller 8×8 book for HER to keep & show off to her girlfriends (in hot pink!)

So the KISS guys have decided to offer a special deal to anyone who purchases “ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING” from the Boudoir Shop! This bundle is a limited release (usually only available during tradeshows, but we’re going to have it available for sale for the next 2 weeks just for those of you who weren’t able to make it to WPPI this year!) :) If you buy Absolutely Everything, KISS is also going to throw in a $50 Gift Card for their awesome products! What a sweet deal! Thanks, KISS! We love you! xoxo, The Divas



Click here to visit the KISS website!


New Products available at the Boudoir SHOP!

Personal on January 22nd, 2010




Cyber Monday {Workshop Book for Sale!}

Inspiration on November 30th, 2009

Today is Cyber Monday. And yes, Cyber Monday is a real term. (I didn’t know this until yesterday). Call me old-fashioned, but it’s taken me a while to come around to the idea of cybershopping. (Actually, it takes me a while to adjust to certain changes in life… case in point: I FINALLY switched over to Lightroom, after staring @ the box for the past YEAR, I finally gave in & installed it last month – and yes, I love it). :) So I do have to admit that when it comes to cypershopping… now that I’ve adjusted to the change… I absolutely LOVE shopping online. A few of my favorite online shopping sites: Zappos, Amazon, & Etsy. There are some really great finds @ all of these places! In fact, I have made a purchase through each of these in the last 24 hours. Another great find: The Workshop In A Book (only $200!), and the Posebook! Check out The Boudoir Shop for details!


CLICK HERE to see a preview of what you’ll find inside the Workshop Book!


Reminder about sales conditions @ The Boudoir Shop

Inspiration on June 29th, 2009

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a quick reminder about The Boudoir Shop™ Terms & Conditions. As a reminder, we are not able to sell our products to any photographer residing within Socal!!!


Also, if you have purchased any of our templates (album templates, ad templates, marketing templates, etc), we wanted to remind you about the usage rights to the designs you find on those templates. Those templates are to be used only on your materials that you are selling to your clients. We’ve seen our designs pop up in interesting places (ie, t-shirts and rub-on tattoos for your clients). Great ideas, but please use your own designs for those, not the designs that you have found in our album templates. Also, you may not use our design elements for your logo or branding your company in any way. Thank you for understanding! All of these items are described in detail in our Terms & Conditions page], which you MUST agree to before making a purchase. Therefore, please do read them in detail before making a purchase on The Boudoir Shop!™ Thank you!


huge huge HUGE announcement about the Boudoir POSEBOOK!!!

Inspiration on May 21st, 2009

Yesterday was an exciting day; we were working on a very cool project… click play to hear the big announcement!

Music by the fabulous SKYLER STONESTREET!!!

Coming This Week:: Boudoir Album Templates by the Boudoir Divas!

Inspiration on May 19th, 2009




The Shop is good to go!

Inspiration on May 6th, 2009




If you haven’t browsed through the shop yet, be sure you stop on by to check it out! So far the #1 product is selling like hot-cakes… it’s the SALON NETWORKING marketing inspiration!