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Google Hangout with the Divas

Speaking Programs on September 14th, 2013

Recently Marissa & I (K) have been chatting about how we can connect with more of you out there. We love chatting with other boudoir photographers, or NEW boudoir photographers, and we love being able to answer peoples’ questions. So we’re thinking we’re going to give this Google Hangout thing a try! If you have a question (or 10), and you’d like an opportunity to hang out with us for a half hour and just ask anything, we would love for you to join us! Details will be coming soon in our newsletter – so be sure you’re SIGNED UP to receive it.

We will probably do our first Hangout in the next couple of weeks, and if it goes well, we might even make this a regular event! If you’re excited about this and would want to join in, please leave a comment below and let us know.

Oh, and I just had to share this little gem with you – this is what happens when we get together via different states to try out something new (see bottom of screen)…


Speaking at Fovitech Peru 2013

Speaking Programs, Workshops on August 28th, 2013

I know we say this a lot, but it doesn’t change the truth: we are SO blessed to be given opportunities to travel around the world, and share about our passion for boudoir photography! Last week we were able to travel to Lima, Peru, for Fovitech 2013. We loved traveling to this country, and loved meeting some wonderful photographers! We were able to speak about “Secrets of Boudoir” at our platform program, and then a couple days later, we had 20 photographers join us for our full-day workshop! It was a really great experience, and we hope to go back again someday!

fovitech peru 2013

Of course no trip to another country would be complete without the fun van rides….

boudoir divas

marissa boucher

fovitech peru

We got the royal treatment from the organizers of the convention – including a limo pick-up from the airport! So we wanted to give a huge shout-out to Aldo & his sweet wife Chevela, for being so kind to us through the whole week. We are thankful to have met you both – thanks for your hospitality!

lima, peru

We also love trying out new foods while we’re traveling. And while I (K) wasn’t able to taste this next dish (doc’s orders, no raw seafood for a few more months) ;) – Marissa sure LOVED the Peruvian ceviche!

fovitech peru

fovitech peru


We also did a little cooking ourselves, in our awesome apartment (with a killer ocean view!)

fovitech peru

As you know, we LOVE speaking and teaching about boudoir photography… and this workshop was definitely a memorable one. We really enjoyed meeting these fab photographers from Peru (and a few other countries as well).

fovitech peru

Before we share more photos from the workshop, though – we have to tell this quick story about the photo below. We have traveled to 4 countries with these lights in the past, and have NEVER had an issue with them! Until last week, when Marissa plugged this bad boy into the socket, turned the light on, and BAM – that thing seriously exploded. Like, I mean, the light bulb shot out flames and then shattered glass flew across the room. And then people came running into our room to make sure that wasn’t a gun shot. Needless to say, it got our adrenaline pumping just a bit! :) And thankfully, we were able to use other lights to demo with.

fovitech peru

Rest In Peace, little light. Ok – now back to some more photos of the workshop. :)

lima peru

boudoir divas workshop

We also have to say a big thank you to our FABULOUS translator, miss Julietta Swartzmann! Julietta is so wonderful; you may recognize her (from our boudoir workshop in Madrid), and we just love how easy it is to work with her! Thanks again Julietta – can’t wait for the next adventure. :)

boudoir divas speakers

During a portion of the workshop, we were able to work with two beautiful models to demonstrate some basic boudoir posing and lighting techniques. Here are just a couple of those shots…

boudoir workshop

boudoir workshop

fovitech peru boudoir

lima peru boudoir

fovitech peru


boudoir workshop peru

spanish boudoir workshop

Thank you so much to all of you who came to our full-day boudoir workshop, taking the time and investing the money to learn all about boudoir photography!

boudoir divas workshop


Fovitech Peru Boudoir Speakers

Speaking Programs, Workshops on July 24th, 2013

We are always honored when we’re asked to speak to groups of photographers. And when we’re invited to TRAVEL to another country to speak, we just have to pinch ourselves! We’re pinching ourselves again right now as we gear up for speaking next month at Fovitech 2013 in Lima, Peru! Ahhhhhh!!! We cannot WAIT!


“Back to Basics” Webinar

Speaking Programs on May 31st, 2013

Back by popular demand… it’s our “Back to Basics” Webinar, brought to you FREE by Graphistudio! The webinar will take place this coming Tuesday, June 4, at 2pm Central (12noon Pacific time). We’d love to have you join us, so go register for the webinar now!

The Divas love Graphistudio!!!


Graphistudio sample SALE

Boudoir Tips, Speaking Programs on January 16th, 2013

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!!! We just wanted to start by saying a huge thank you to everyone who joined us for the Graphistudio webinar yesterday. We LOVE educating and inspiring boudoir photographers, so thank you again, Graphistudio, for inviting us to be a part of such an amazing community. I did forget to mention something in the webinar yesterday, though… Graphistudio is currently offering an awesome discount on all of your sample books. (Click here for more info). If you haven’t yet decided on an album company to showcase your beautiful boudoir work, we highly recommend Graphistudio. Last year we had the opportunity to visit the Graphistudio headquarters in Italy. We were able to meet members of the team in Italy, walk through the showroom and factory areas, and we actually saw the Graphistudio team making their gorgeous books… watching a woman HAND-craft the cover of a beautiful leather book… it was just such a cool experience! If you aren’t currently working with Graphistudio, why not fill out the info form and get started with creating your own sample today!

We also want to encourage you to have updated sample books to show off to your clients & potential clients. If you don’t have a sample for your clients to hold in their hands, you aren’t going to sell. You need to have a tangible, physical book to hand over. We’re gearing up for bridal fair season with boudoir, too – we want our clients to have the BEST books out there, and so we are going to be promoting our Graphistudio books this year a lot more with our gorgeous boudoir gals. I (Kimberlee) am in the midst of designing a new studio sample that we’re going to order from Graphistudio, using this awesome discount. We’re going to use these images from our beautiful client, Miss Angelique…

We will be sure to post photos once we receive our sample album here at the studio. Can’t wait to show it off to YOU – and to our clients! xoxo, The Divas

And if you’re interested in finding out more about Graphistudio, check out this video:


Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photography Tips

Boudoir Tips, Speaking Programs on January 14th, 2013

Hey photographers – are you ready for Vday!?? Do you have your marketing plan in place? Do you know how to reach out to potential clients in the next few weeks?

If you’re not sure that you’re ready, then we would LOVE to have you join us tomorrow, January 15, at 12noon Pacific (2pm Central time), for a 1-hour webinar – brought to you by Graphistudio! We are thrilled to be joining Graphistudio again for another webinar, and we are excited to share some of our favorite tips on marketing for Valentine’s Day! If you’d like to join us, simply go register here – and we’ll see you tomorrow!


How to start a boudoir photography business

Boudoir Tips, Speaking Programs on September 19th, 2012

To all of you who are thinking about shooting boudoir, but don’t really know where to begin…
We would LOVE to have you join us for our Graphistudio webinar tomorrow at 12noon (pacific time). If you’re interested, please email Rachel: rhansen@graphistudious.com for more details on how to join (it’s limited to just 100 participants, so you’ll need to RSVP!)


WPPI 2012 Recap Video (and, we’re speaking at WPPI U!)

Speaking Programs on August 1st, 2012

We had OH-SO-MUCH-FUN at WPPI this year. Along with our platform program, speaking at the Bay Photo booth & Graphistudio booth, working at our booth, and hitting up some awesome vendor parties… we also made sure we had plenty of time to be our goofy selves as we enjoyed Vegas! Warning: there is a lot of randomness in this video. :) Enjoy!

Can’t wait for next year! Oh, and we also need to let you all know that we’re going to be in Vegas in just a couple weeks – for WPPI U!!! We’d love to have you come join us. Visit WPPI’s website for more info & to register.

AND… we ALSO have an exciting giveaway! Enter below to WIN one free registration to WPPIU in Las Vegas. We’ll be giving away 1 free spot, and we’ll also be giving a discounted, special registration rate of just $125 5 people. So enter below – the contest ends in just ONE WEEK! You can enter every day if you’d like. Thanks everyone; hope to see you in Vegas!
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