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Nightstand & Wall Boudoir Portraits

Boudoir Tips on December 3rd, 2008

With Christmas here, we are loving showing girls that it is ok to display classy, sexy photos in the bedroom. After all, “boudoir” means private bedroom, so steamy is good! When gals seem like they want to put something in the bedroom, but they are nervous about it, we remind that that the bedroom is meant to be a private place and anyone that saunters into your bedroom is someone you know really well. So know we almost always sell a “Night Stand Portrait.”


Just finished our new “Mama to Be” packages

Personal on December 3rd, 2008

Woman Captured has always offered maternity sessions and we book a lot of them even though we don’t advertise/market for them. We also just had one package, which was silly, because if a client came in and wanted to spend more than the average client on her session and products, we didn’t have a defined package for her. So, we just created new marketing to show off our “Simple Session” and our “Package Session” with possible upgrades to the packages after the shoot. With our boudoir shoots we clearly define the specifics of the shoot, (ie. timeframe, outfits changes, what an “outfits change” includes, sets, proof amount, etc) that made booking shoots more streamlined and it was time to do the same with our “Mama” sessions. Now all of our prego moms will receive this new info, I am so excited to see how it effects sales!

Coming this week:

Inspiration on December 1st, 2008

Our December Newsletter, which will contain…
1) Our musings about boudoir pricing
2) Another photoshop tip
3) The details for our VEGAS WORKSHOP! – with a chance to save your spot
So… go sign up for our newsletter list! (We usually only email once a month, so don’t worry – we won’t spam you or fill your inbox with junk!)

Also, if you’re joining us in Paris, be sure you check your email, because we’re going to be sending out periodic newsletters JUST for you guys to help prepare for our “Study Abroad” Program! :) If you’re coming to Paris & have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Incorporating Boudoir and Maternity

Personal on November 28th, 2008

Today I am spending the morning watching re-runs of “The Starter Wife” and working on my absolute fav thing, re-organizing and perfecting our marketing. We have always done what we call, “Mama To Be” sessions, but I really want to up jazz up the marketing for it and give it a snazzy “boudoir” twist that fits with the rest of our marketing.

Here is a little teaser of what I am working on…

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoy “Left Over Day!” Oh, and our “Black Friday Sale!”

xoxo- Marissa

Newsletter Today

Inspiration on November 28th, 2008

A “mini-newsletter” is coming today w/ an announcement JUST for those on our mailing list. If you’re not signed up, CLICK HERE and join!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Personal on November 27th, 2008

Hope you all have a wonderful day today with family and friends. Also, we’re having a sale tomorrow on our boudoir book and bundle, so if you’ve been holding off on purchasing, now’s the time to take advantage of 10% off!!!

EMAIL: INFO@THEBOUDOIRDIVAS.COM | Tell us what you want to order (Book or Bundle). We’ll send you a Paypal invoice… and then your order will be shipped to you next week!

My silly fear

Personal on November 24th, 2008

Marissa just sent me a text message that made me laugh out loud, and I decided- what the heck, this is a good random story to tell on a Monday afternoon. So I’m just going to go ahead and bare my soul and share our text-conversation here with the wonderful world wide web. Here’s the conversation.
Marissa: ‘three of us are at seaworld missing you’
Me: ‘noooo! i want to go!’ [I can't because I'm not in San Diego right now].
Marissa: ‘we sent you a bird picture. he was the scariest bird ever. would you even go in the penguin encounter?’
Me: ‘Yeah, penguins can’t fly at your face and attack your eyeballs. So I’d go in there.’
Marissa: ‘they can belly slide at your ankles though!’

Good point, Marissa, good point. So… yes, I do have a little fear of birds. Not so much an all-consuming fear as described here, but nonetheless, I would just rather stay away from flocks of seagulls and such. And the aviary at the San Diego zoo is not the place to find me hanging out. (It all began when I was a child, and a horribly mean-spirited rooster pecked my leg). Just a little random story that has nothing to do with boudoir or photography or business or marketing or workshops or anything else that we usually talk about here. Happy Monday, everyone! :)

Workshop Announcements

Inspiration, Workshops on November 22nd, 2008

Hey everyone!  So first of all, we want to let you all know that we’ve decided to push-back the Santa Barbara workshop.  We want to be sensitive to the devastation in DJ’s neighborhood, and we have also had many more inquiries for our Vegas workshop in Feb.  Therefore, we’ve decided to postpone for now.  [DJ, we can't wait to come up there in 09!  Also, know that our hearts and prayers go out to your neighbors who have lost so much this past week].

Ok, so now for Vegas info.  We’ll be holding a full workshop there (2 days)… this will be exactly like our San Diego workshop, only cooler because it’s in Vegas!  ;)  The dates: Thurs-Fri, Feb. 12-13… that’s right before WPPI week!  Shooting with gorgeous models – studio lighting – shooting with only available/natural light – marketing – pricing – processing – selling – the ‘supermodel experience’ – posing – all of this packed into two full days!  Then on Saturday, we’ll be doing our demo shoot again at the KISS house (not a workshop, but a demo shoot… we’ll be shooting and explaining what we’re doing; you’ll have the opportunity to shoot behind/around us).   (*Note: those who have signed up for our workshop will have first-dibs on spots for the KISS demo shoot).

We’ve already had about 5 people ask to be on the list for this workshop… but we haven’t officially started taking registrations.  We’ll start THIS WEEK, and you’ll be notified through our newsletter when you’re able to sign up.  If you’re interested in joining us for our boudoir workshop in Vegas, make sure you’re on our newsletter list so you don’t miss out!  We’ll see you in Vegas!