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“The Marketing Vault” ebook

Boudoir Tips, Inspiration, Press & News on March 11th, 2015

It’s launched!!! 125 pages of exactly what we did to get our business to where it is today! Some things worked great, and some did not, but we tell ALL in this digital download. 24 hours left for our launch sale. Get yours now!!!!

If you know us, you know that we pour ourselves into our books, and hey, to be honest, we are gosh darn proud of this bad boy.
Mainly because it really illustrates the sweat and creativity that we have put into this studio and getting to the point it is now.  We would be ridiculously honored if you purchased it people. And we truly know it will be helpful to you.
xoxoxoxox- Marissa & Kimberlee

Next on the agenda… PARIS photo shoots and mentor sessions in April 2015 and

launching our next “Boudoir Retreat!!!”

the marketing vault


Miami Boudoir and a little TBT

Boudoir Photo Shoots, Inspiration, Press & News on September 4th, 2014

A little random combo of a post on this lovely Thursday. Today I sit in a Cafe in Encinitas, loving the ambiance but also kinda wishing I had chose a spot with some AC. It’s hot as heck in this little beach city and all I am thinking about is the ocean. Kimberlee is in what I am assuming is much cooler Anacortes, Washingting plugging away (I am visiting her next week and stoked about it). She writes this as the first part of our combo post…..

YAY MIAMI!!!!! We are so excited about this… can’t believe it’s about a month away! If you are thinking about joining us, we’d love to connect with you via email ( or our Facebook Group. Or visit all the details and booking page here. In case you’d like to see exact dates, here’s a little calendar for you. Keep in mind there are only TWO SPOTS LEFT for boudoir shoots in Miami! If you want to snag one, go ahead and email us to get it booked. Note that we are open to booking a shoot  on a consult date if that’s where the demand leads us….

miami boudoir marathon

And now onto my part of the post, our funny #TBT to what I think was 2006. Kimberlee and I made our first video ever on our little point and shoot, this was one of the first shoots ever in our new studio. The comments are particularly hilarious, and while I do agree with some of them actually, I still somehow managed to come out of this shoot with an image that won an Accolade of Excellence Award from WPPI. So glad I didn’t listen and submitted the image. Kinda proof that you should never listen to your critics. Or at least only listen to the ones you trust ya know, never internet trolls. Sorry about the ad at the beginning, the you tube account is so old I can’t even remember the login to change it. Go ahead and laugh at the video, we sure are. High five to just going for it before you totally know what you are doing right Kimee? ;)


Here’s the image that won….


A musical project…..

Inspiration on February 5th, 2014

angie keilhauer

You guys know we are serious suckers for an exciting marketing project. We get all fired up about showcasing someone or someone’s brand, from the concept to the delivery we love every second of it. Well recently on a Carnival cruise my friends and I landed ourselves in an obscure bar to play a serious game of mystery shots (I hate the game, not my idea, will never be my idea). Just as we were getting ready to find out who the sorry loser would be this round, we all heard a voice that seriously stopped each of us in our tracks. She was around the corner so we all literally took turns getting up and looking over to see who this crazy good musician was. It was Angie Keilhauer, a name we will all remember.

Obviously we came back the next night again, enjoyed every song, introduced ourselves, gave her tons of praise etc. Me, being ever nosy and very bossy when it comes to people getting the credit I feel like they deserve, started talking to her about how she is going to launch herself etc. We hit it off, at least I thought we did, she might have thought I was a nutcase. Next thing you know she is in California and we are having a blast doing a photo shoot for her and shooting a music video so people can really see what a natural starlet she is. I loved this project because as you know we do a lot of video around here, and it’s always the song that MAKES the video, so this was extra special in the sense that the visuals and song really tied in and connected in a new way for us. Very cool.

Thanks Angie for letting us show you off. All of us in the studio fell in love with you. Remember us little peeps when you are all big and famous (and remember my love for Porsche Panameras, matte black please and thanks). -M

angie keilhauer

angie keilhauer

angie keilhauer

Go like her new FB page, she posts awesome covers all the time, like this one, what a treat! We love it when her new videos come through, such a great afternoon distraction from editing…


Heads up, it’s time to get MERRY….

Boudoir Tips, Inspiration on October 29th, 2013

boudoir ads marketing christmas holiday

Okay so it’s not, but for us in the gift giving business, it is!!! It’s time to plan our your early bird specials and plant the seed for the perfect Christmas gift! We plan to launch two fun “commercials” we shot on our You Tube channel, Facebook, on all our blogs and newsletters too. We want to make sure that we take advantage of this season more than ever, pushing our “Bombshell Books®”, our Gift Cards, our early bird photo session and eventually our last minute photo sessions. Next week we are going to kick off a big early bird sale!

So since we are hard little elves at work, we thought we would give our fellow boudoir photographers a little reminder. Tis the season to get motivated! Make the most of the Christmas season and start early!! A video isn’t totally necessary, as long as you make up some cute jpegs to get people feeling that holiday fuzzy good feeling you are set. Then blast them every where ;)

Oh and PS, don’t forget to remind people about your turnaround times to light a fire under their booties to book asap, here is an example of what we put on our blog that’s geared toward potential boudoir clients….

ideas for christmas holiday marketing


Merry Christmas, I mean Happy Halloween from Marissa & Kimberlee ;)



Sometime we need a little reminder….

Inspiration on October 28th, 2013

magic is something you make

Dang owning a business can be hard can’t it?!

I mean…. it’s a blessing…. we are BLESSED with this amazing life, but it doesn’t mean that some weeks aren’t a little tougher than others. Or A LOT tougher than others.

BUT, we have found the antidote to most stress for the photographer. It’s called “Believe in beauty”, and it’s a reminder why we do what we do. To create art.

Get a model or a friend, and just go have fun and MAKE MAGIC!!! This is the antidote when you have too many bills to pay, when you have to do any kind of terrible admin task, when you have to stay late to clean the toilets or organize your billions of receipts. Or fix that darn techie thing that needs fixing and is beyond frustrating.

When you are overwhelmed, take a 5 hour break and go shoot something you always dreamed of shooting. And then when you get back to the mundane, whoa, it’s like you appreciate it. Because it’s those exhausting things that afford you the time to be you .

The other day, K was in town, so we had serious to-do after even more serious to-do to plow through, and when we were feeling blah we said, ” let’s get up early and let’s make some freaking magic.” And it lit our souls on fire.

As my all time favie movie “Vanilla Sky” said so wonderfully, “you can’t taste the sweet without the sour.” Meaning how sweet is the sweet part of our job once we get through the sour. Let’s make our own magic people, we are blessed with a job where that is our number one goal. So let’s make it a priority.


A great reminder to us all

Inspiration on September 21st, 2013

comparison is the thief of all joy

“Comparison is the thief of joy”- Theodore Roosevelt

Like we mentioned earlier, it is “Self Awareness” month, and we think a big part of that is paying attention to what goes on in our thought process throughout the day, and unfortunately for most of us comparison is a big one. Whether it’s comparing physical appearance, smarts, wealth, personalities, activities, the list can go on and on. We don’t want to do it, and we certainly don’t mean to do it, but alas……we do. For Self Awareness month we are inviting you to try to recognize those thoughts when they pop up, take them captive, and chuck them out of your brain and stomp on the thought, realize it’s only  holding your back from joy and self acceptance. Everyday woman tell us that they want to book a photo shoot, but they want to hit the gym first so they can look as hot as all the women on our galleries, and our photo shoots are just not about that. They are about looking like you, and celebrating YOU. When you walk into our studio it’s totally affirming yourself, saying “dammit I love myself, I am grateful for the body I do have and I am going to give myself some serious positive affirmation today!!!!”



Comparing yourself to others is an act of violence against your authentic self. ~ Iyanla Vanzant

We are all made uniquely beautiful and totally DIFFERENT. We certainly don’t need to look like someone else! We wanted to take a moment to give “Dove” a serious shout out for the “Real Beauty”” campaign. They are saying different is awesome, society’s idea of beauty is jacked, and life is too short not to embrace who you are, and we TOTALLY AGREE!!!!





You can tell they sincerely care about their audience and the message that they are sending!! As opposed to maybe some other companies our there????

beauty and confidence


September is Self Awareness Month

Boudoir Tips, Inspiration on September 1st, 2013

September is “Self Awareness” month. So all of us here at the studio are encouraging ladies, and ourselves, to gear up for this special month by considering self awareness, which we are loving the description of that as achieving total self acceptance and long-term personal happiness.

Boudoir divas beauty confidence quote

I really enjoyed reading this article that spelled it out a little more clearly as this…
“Often, people are unable to see themselves as others see them, as their reality is different than most (self image, internally and externally). They prefer to focus only on the aspects of their being that make them feel good about themselves. Or contrarily, some prefer to focus only on the negative aspects. The dichotomy reflects an inability to be objectionable with oneself.

The habit of pushing the ‘bad parts’ out of their conscious eases the mental stress of having to deal with those issues, as positive change requires humble effort, so they choose to not accept those negative aspects when they look at themselves in the mirror.

Conversely, some people tend to sway in the opposite direction and focus only on the negativity. They continuously find fault within themselves which becomes a barrier in acknowledging the good qualities they possess, therefore hindering long-term personal happiness.

Denials are barriers in self awareness. Individuals need to accept all the parts of their being, good and bad, to begin a happy journey in life.” – The Examiner




Getting ready to launch one of many Paris vids….

Inspiration, Paris Boudoir Workshop on July 17th, 2013

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goooooooddddnneeeessss! We are currently burning the candle at both ends working on so many new projects! Now that the studio revamp is officially done, we have focused our efforts on Boudoir International, our new studio website launch AND the Paris photo shoot and videos! Ah! While we are feverishly working away at this thing, we wanted to leave you with a a couple little teasers until the first of many Paris vids is launched….

SIDE NOTE: So not sure what this whole thing is about? You mean you aren’t totally well versed in the lives of The Boudoir Divas? Hee hee,  just kidding, sometimes we wonder if the 300 people who visit our blog everyday are just our mom’s over and over. Every year we do our very best to find an excuse to go to Paris, France to work. Cuz let’s get real, if you love Paris as much as we do, AND you love your work as much as we do, well then it’s just a dream-like scenario isn’t it? We usually go to host a boudoir portrait workshop, but this year we went just to photograph our client and friends Tenley Molzahn from The Bachelor. She is an amazing model, and just all around the cat’s pajamas ;)



black and white seine river paris fashion portrait