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Paris Photo Shoots May 2014

Boudoir Photo Shoots, Paris Boudoir Workshop on January 10th, 2014


Yipeeeee! This is our favorite announcement of the year!

We are launching our Paris shoots for May 2014. You probably know that every spring we find an excuse to go our favorite city in the world, and this year we will be doing photo shoot on the streets of Paris for any daring lady that may want one. Last year we spoke at a photography conference and did 3 shoots for Tenley Molzahn of The Bachelor and had one of the most amazing times of our lives, see her videos below, one still to come in the future.

tenley paris

We LOVE this city, and we adore photographing women here, so if you can “dare to dream” about the possibility of a photo shoot in Paris, well than it just might be realized.  Click below to learn even more about this unbelievable experience…

paris photo shoot

If you’d like to snag a spot and book a photo shoot with the Divas in the City of Light, simply shoot us an email for more details!

xoxo, M&K


Seattle Boudoir Shoots

Boudoir Photo Shoots on December 6th, 2013

Hey everyone, we are excited to let you know that we’re going to be in SEATTLE next week! Marissa and I will be hanging in the city, planning for 2014, working on some new projects, and… SHOOTING!
seattle christmas boudoir shoots
We’ve already booked up quite a few of our spots, but I believe we might be able to squeeze in one or two more ladies.

So if you live in the Seattle area, and you’d like to give your guy the SEXIEST gift this Christmas, email us asap for more details ( Hope you have a fabulous weekend, and we can’t wait to see a lot of you ladies next week! xoxo, K & M

Gearing up for a very merry Christmas!

Boudoir Photo Shoots, Boudoir Tips, Sales & Contests on November 8th, 2013

The Holidays have the potential to be one of our best seasons for our business, but it seems that every year they sneak up on us a bit. So this year we made it a point to plan all of our marketing early (see previous blog post)! And not only that, since we were going to launch one of our biggest sales ever, we wanted some hype to go with it. So we set up two commercials in hopes to get our potential clients excited, thinking and planning about Christmas earlier in the Fall. It’s not too late fellow Bou Photogs! What are you going to do to maximize your holiday? A sale, a marathon, mini sessions, a new set, a new product that has quicker turnaround so you can continue to shoot closer to Christmas?

Our goal with this one was to inspire ladies to make this holiday a little sexier than the norm. And those of us that have been married a long while know that romance can take some planning!

And this one…. well A) we wanted to goof off and B) we wanted to announce our sale in an excited and different way!


Happy Halloween! A vintage boudoir shoot from the Boudoir Divas…

Boudoir Photo Shoots on October 30th, 2013


It was a chilly fall morning when we took Peggy (our gorgeous and talented hair and make-up artist!) to the outskirts of San Diego for a just-for-fun outdoor boudoir photo shoot. Pegs was recently hitched, so we took this opportunity to snap some shots of her in her beautiful, vintage wedding day garb with our own boudoir twist! With Halloween right around the corner, we feel this shoot perfectly captures the “spirit” of the holiday. Thank you, Peggy, for getting up at the crack of down with us to play around in the wilderness. We love you. <3

boudoir-divas-outdoor-shoot-bridal-vintage-fall boudoir bridal outdoors natural beautiful wedding vintage fall-boudoir-photos-outdoor-photoshoot copy fall-boudoir-divas-outdoor-black-white fall-vintage-boudoir-outdoor-photography

Boudoir Set DESIGN? We’re lovin’ Drop It Modern’s new lineup! Oh…and The Boudoir Divas $25 off discount code for YOU!

Boudoir Gear & More, Boudoir Photo Shoots, Sales & Contests on August 30th, 2013

boudoir backdrop ideas

We get asked all the time, “so how do you create your sets?”

Well that’s kinda of a complicated answer actually. You see our sets are put together by all kinds of different components. We really like our sets to be three dimensional, to have layers so you feel like you were in a very cool room, or in a mysterious location. Most of the pieces are from garage sales, antique stores, flea markets and thrift stores. Another key factor is my mom, as she loves to frequent all these places and find little gems for us, then she reports back to us, sometimes even re-upholstering items for us. But as we mentioned, we use many, many ingredients, and one of those common ingredients we seem to use A LOT is a drop it MODERN backdrop. Sometimes it’s used as the fancy looking wallpaper backdrop, sometimes it becomes the hip looking floor, or sometimes it just used as a nice little pop like this shot above. Over the years our obsession with drop it MODERN has led them to ask us to pass on some killer deals to you, as they see that question get asked over and over on our social sites, “where do you get your cool boudoir sets?” So they gave us this little goodie to give to all you boudoir photogs…….a $25 off discount code! YES PLEASE!

drop it modern boudoir divas logo

So maybe it’s time for a new boudoir backdrop … yes? ‘Cause it’s all about NEW at drop it MODERN! They have so many cool new options for us photographers…..

From fresh new prints to the new simple solids, there’s seriously a backdrop for every style and genre, especially boudoir photography. Be sure to check out ‘Gatsby’ in 8 different painted glitters. Yes GLITTER!

Also back in stock are the 2 best damn backdrops in the biz; ‘Spangled’ and ‘Mermaid’! The most amazing sequins lined drops in Gold and Silver. They’re a studio MUST! See for yourself in our shots below with the Spangled Gold Backdrop.

And since everyone loves a deal, drop it MODERN has an entire section dedicated to ‘DEALS’! Some backdrops are priced as low as $30, WOW. Obviously there are plenty of backdrop companies to chose from but no one offers the amazing quality, prices, and crazy fast delivery like drop it MODERN. Their backdrops are built to last through all of our in-studio or on-location destination boudoir photos shoots, and we put them through the ringer, haha.

Visit their site at and use this exclusive Boudoir Divas code: DIMLOVESDIVAS for $25 off.

You can get new product updates and follow their shenanigans on your social media of choice below!
Instagram: dropitmod

boudoir divas drop it modern gatsby backdrops


boudoir divas drop it modern spangled backdrop

boudoir divas drop it modern spangled backdrop

A little studio news…

Boudoir International, Boudoir Photo Shoots on June 17th, 2013

natural light boudoir studio san diego

We are busy at work with launching the new Boudoir International Blog (so exciting!) and wrapping up the official launch of our new expanded boudoir studio space. We can’t believe we get to officially say that the studio is 6,500 square feet! For reals… pinch us! We are so thankful and blessed. Although, we do have to admit that it wasn’t all just luck, a huge part of it was the immense amount of time we put towards our client’s experience here, as well as late night hours marketing and branding; and then combined with the simple fact that boudoir is gaining major momentum! Go bou photogs!!!

Here are a few images from a recent photo shoot in the new space….

glamour photography beauty

styling a photo shoot

lighting and sets for boudoir studio photography

natural light tips boudoir photography posing

boudoir posing lighting tips webinar

We wanted to leave you with a fun video of a boudoir shoot in the expanded space and revamped sets to celebrate!
Thank you so much to the two sweetheart clients who trusted us to totally style their boudoir shoot and then let us film a fun video of the entire experience.

Note, if you’re new to this blog, this is our boudoir blog that is geared specifically toward photographers. We talk about all things boudoir photography- tips, tricks, posing ideas, etc.. As well as marketing for boudoir and overall business approaches. This is also the space where you will find the more candid & personal side of our lives ;).

If you are looking for a boudoir shoot and are in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles or Riverside, head over to or if you are outside those areas, visit to find an amazing boudoir photographer near you!

We’ve expanded our studio!

Boudoir Photo Shoots on May 15th, 2013

san diego boudoir photography
We are in LOVE with this space!!!!!! Ahhhh! I know, I know… as if our huge 4,500 square foot studio wasn’t big enough already… we have officially expanded the space! We have loved shooting in this huge natural light studio, and cannot wait to get more beautiful clients in here for their shoots. Just wanted to share our exciting news with you, and give you a glimpse of this space – as I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the future! xoxo, K&M

Vanessa in Vegas | Muy Caliente

Boudoir Photo Shoots on May 14th, 2013

We met the adorable,, kind, fun Vanessa at one of our Boudoir Workshops a bit back. V is from Puerto Rico, so when she told us that she was going to book one of our Penthouse Bond Inspired Shoots, we were beyond thrilled that she was going to make the trek to us again. I mean sure WPPI was going on at that time too, but we like to think she just came to see us :)

This woman has the most infectious laugh ever, being around her is a pure joy. So to say we loved shooting her is an understatement. This year instead of having our usual boudoir booth at WPPI, we decided that we were going to something that would not only thrill us to the core, but also give the supermodel experience to other photographers. Thanks for letting us show off your images Vanessa!

We are considering doing boudoir shoots in Vegas during WPPI again next year. But we need to know if you all are interested to know if we should start planning. To leave a comment you actually have to go to the post page, click the header of the post :)