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Paris – Registration opens today!

Inspiration, Workshops on June 19th, 2009


***EDIT TO ADD:: The newsletter has just been sent out! Registration is officially OPEN for the 2010 Paris boudoir photography workshop! Within seconds after opening registration, we’ve already had our first sign-up! You don’t want to miss this workshop… sign up before it sells out! :)


***Update… THREE FIVE spots have been TAKEN within the first day of opening registration. That means only ELEVEN NINE SPOTS LEFT!!!! The gals who will be joining us are: Corneli | Patricia | Nikki | Jessica | Sadie | (2 more gals have expressed interest and should be booking their spots today… once they’ve ‘officially’ registered, we’ll add their names to the list here!) :) We’re so excited to see all of you in PARIS!!!!

If you’re having issues w/ paying your Boudoir Workshop registration through The Boudoir Shop, you can pay over the phone… call the office: 858-485-0443 Thanks!

So… one of our Paris 2009 workshop attendees (Jessica) is coming back for 2010! I guess that says something about how much FUN this workshop is, huh?! Thanks, Jessica – we can’t wait to hang out again in the City of Light! See you in April!

Happy Birthday Marissa!!!

Personal on June 19th, 2009

Today is Marissa’s birthday. What can I say about this fabulous woman who has inspired so many people (including myself?!) This gal is more than a stellar businesswoman, entrepreneur, photographer, and business partner. Having the opportunity to observe her in her personal life, I have been able to see that for Marissa, family is way more important than anything else in life. She is a wonderful wife, daughter, granddaughter, cousin, soon-to-be-aunt, and she is a loyal, sweet friend to all who know her. Marissa, thanks for being the best business partner (or bitner, as you call it) that a gal could ever ask for. But more than that, thank you for being my friend! Happy Birthday! Love, Kimee (K-dawg, bitner, ‘Ruth’, etc). :)


Here are a few photos from Marissa’s birthday celebration last week. This was SUCH a fun night!!! (It was also Leah’s birthday… happy bday, Leah!)




Paris 2010!!!

Workshops on June 19th, 2009

We can’t wait for the PARIS WORKSHOP!!! Here are a few more details.



After you’ve completed registration, you’ll get an email within a week, listing all of the details & information. This workshop will sell-out quickly! CLICK HERE TO PAY YOUR DEPOSIT ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT!!!!
***EDIT TO ADD: if you’re interested in attending the workshop… or if you have any questions for us, please feel free to email us:


Ha ha! The funniest, and possibly only, Paris-boudoir-workshop-music-video!

Personal, Workshops on June 17th, 2009

Here it is. The world premier of The 2009 Paris Music Video.

Filmed by Weston Boucher.
Featuring the Boudoir Divas & our fabulous ’09 Paris workshop attendees!
Model: Joslyn Davis.
Song: Beyonce.


Hey everyone! We are SO incredibly excited about the 2010 PARIS BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP!!!! We’ll be announcing the dates on Friday (as well as opening up registration). Last year the Paris workshop sold-out VERY quickly, so this time, you will definitely want to register ASAP. In order to be the first to find out about registration, be sure you’re signed up for the boudoir divas’ newsletter (click here). Check your calendar for April 19-22, and block it out now… then register on Friday! We’ll see you in Paris!


Chicago Boudoir Photographers | We’re speaking at PPA

Inspiration on June 15th, 2009

We’re sitting at the airport… our flight has been delayed, so naturally, we are sitting in 2 rocking chairs and working on our laptops. Can’t wait to speak WEDNESDAY at the Chicago PPA meeting! If you’re in the area, you should stop by!


Click here for more info!


Camera Cruise 2009 | Come cruise with us!

Workshops on June 15th, 2009

We are SOOOO excited about the ‘09 Camera Cruise! Their website is almost launched, so we’ll definitely let you know as soon as it’s up & ready to take registrations. There are some amazing photographers who will be teaching on this cruise, and it is something you will NOT want to miss! We are so honored to have been invited to participate in leading a few seminars during the cruise… can’t wait for November to roll around! If you want to come hang out with us on a cruise November 2-7, be sure to block it off on your calendar… and then check back soon for more details! This will be an amazing cruise with Carnival – to the West Caribbean!


Here’s a photo we took during one of the planning meetings back in March in Vegas…


Can’t wait to hang out with everyone on this cruise!


Yep… another one… (blooper reel)

Personal on June 12th, 2009

When you’re editing video footage, it’s inevitable that you will stumble upon a few bloopers now and then (or, in our case, ALL the time). :)


SEO Workshop for photographers @ the Ritz

Inspiration on June 11th, 2009

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you all know about this awesome SEO workshop for wedding photographers. We had the opportunity to attend this workshop last week, put on by Lawrence of Furious Photographers. This guy really knows what he’s talking about. (Case in point:: do a google search for ‘los angeles wedding photographer’ and see where Furious Photographers ranks). We got to hang out w/ some old friends… and also met a few new friends that we hadn’t met before. All of the people at this workshop were complete Rockstar Photographers, and it was such an honor to be invited to hang out and learn at this workshop! We got to hang with… The Bui Brothers, Dane Sanders, [b]ecker, Keats Elliot, Sarah France, Lauren Hillary, Ann Hamilton, Gene Higa, Aaron Dieppa, Victor Sizemore, Jules Bianchi

On another note… The workshop was held at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel in the greatest suite, overlooking the ocean! The Ritz Laguna Beach would be a perfect location for M & I to shoot your boudoir photography session… if you’re interested in booking a shoot with the Divas, email us!