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Just posted our v-day deadline on our WC blog.

Personal on January 8th, 2009

sexy valentine's day party photos
Valentine’s Day is a huge part of our biz so I just posted this reminder on our Woman Captured blog. We have a big promo going here in the studio, if we reach 28 boudoir shoots between now and Feb 14th all the hardworking gals here in the studio will receive a bonus. I think they will get it by the looks of
things! -Marissa


An email on DWF sparks a “Marissa Explains it all” blog

Personal on January 7th, 2009

I received the email below last month and I figured that this may be a question that a lot of you have. Here is the question.

“Hi Marissa,
I just wanted to say that you are a huge inspiration in my boudoir work and your images are absolutely stunning. I just wanted to ask how you talk so many clients into agreeing to reveal their faces for your website and blog? I’ve YET to have a client that has agreed so all of the images on my blog are well…..faceless. They agree to sample albums but nothing online… Thanks so much and enjoy your weekend! -Eric, Raw Photo Design

Hi Eric,
Thanks so much for the kind words. No need to make my head big! ;) When we started out we had that hiccup in our marketing plan as well. We started asking gals in a way that made it seem more like privilege rather than a favor. Something like, “Your photos came out so wonderful, we would for you to be one of the gals we feature on our blog and website in hopes that it would encourage other wives to come and do a shoot.” Now it seems that girls want to be on our site and bring it up even before we get the chance to ask. Like a bit of a status thing. We also tell them that the only way to keep us from eventually deleting their photos after their order was to sign our marketing/model release. Another option is to let them choose the photos that they are comfortable with showing. Maybe some that are bit less racy.

So K n’ I didn’t have to time to make a fun episode out of this question….. so I will just sing the outro song. Na na na na naaah, nu nu nu nu nu NAH! ;)


Saw this billboard in Vegas and got excited about the Paris Workshop!

Workshops on January 7th, 2009

I was in Vegas for New Years and saw this! Wahoo, I cannot wait for the Paris boudoir workshop in April. Can’t all you attendees just imagine the awesome shots that we are going to get! Inspiration overload.
– Marissa



Boudoir Tips, Inspiration on January 7th, 2009

Ok friends… we’ve had a few comments from people saying that you haven’t received our newsletters even though you’re signed up. So rather than email everyone individually, I’m just going to post the last link here online, so that everyone can view it. Also – if you scroll to the bottom of this newsletter, you’ll be able to see our most recent past issues. Check it out here! And if you’re not signed up for the newsletter list, be sure you sign up here! (We promise not to flood your inbox with junk… we email everyone about once a month, and we almost always include fun tips & free downloads).


TEXAS photogs… Who wants a boudoir shoot???

Personal on January 6th, 2009

Email me if you want to book a shoot in the Dallas area (we’ll be shooting in a super-cool hotel suite in North Dallas). Date: Saturday, Jan. 23rd (and POSSIBLY Sunday the 24th, if there is enough interest after Saturday books up). To Book: send me an email… we’ll require a 50% deposit to hold your spot, with the remaining 50% due the day of the shoot. We’ll accept payments through Paypal or checks made out to ‘The Boudoir Divas.’ After we receive your deposit, we’ll send you all the juicy details! And yes, I WILL be able to get your photos processed in time for Valentine’s Day! :) We’re also thinking about offering shoots for photographers during WPPI week. We’ve had a few of you already email us to say that you’re interested, so we’ll be finalizing details soon!


Can’t wait!

Inspiration on January 5th, 2009


DWF Schedule

Inspiration, Workshops on January 4th, 2009

We are so excited to be speaking at DWF this month! It’s coming up so soon… just ONE WEEK from today! Here’s our schedule of events… we’re so excited to meet some new photographers and chat about boudoir photography!!! :) See you soon!

Some important links: The Convention Schedule | Birds of a Feather Lunch Info | Seminar Lineup
We’re so excited to be taking part in this year’s Mentor Sessions, with all proceeds going to charity. We LOVE meeting in smaller groups, or 1-on-1 with photographers… it really gives us a chance to focus on what YOU want to learn from us. And what could be better than helping out (even in small ways!), with all of the money going to cancer research? It’s a win-win situation. :) We’re looking forward to meeting all of you who signed up to meet with us. See you next week!

A huge shout out to Jen Bebb for all the time she put into arranging these sessions. Thanks, Jen!

Gateway for Cancer Research


Happy New Year!

Personal on January 3rd, 2009

[aw crap… sorry, I accidentally deleted this post, and along with it all of your sweet comments – so sorry you guys, I’m going to re-upload the post here just because…] *ORIGINALLY POSTED ON Jan 1st…
We are so excited about all that is coming up this year!!! DWF next week… Vegas Workshop in FebKISS shoot on Valentine’s Dayour booth at WPPICamera Cruise in March… and rumor has it the Divas MIGHT make an appearance in Australia sometime at the end of the year??? We’re in the midst of deciding where our next workshops will be held, and we’ll be taking a poll here very soon. Thanks to all of you who have requested for us to come visit your cities! :)